Flashcards: CLOTHING

These cards are part of a set that is Vocabulary  Specific.  Excellent for ESL/EFL learners and children of other grade levels and Special Needs children.  They can be used for vocabulary learning, games, object/word recognition, review... almost anything you wish to do with them.  They are half size to save paper (or card stock) and are available in both 8.5x11, A4, b&w and colour.  More sets will be added over time.

  • PreK  K  Gr.1-3   
  • Home schoolers
  • Special Needs
FC- jeans sneakers bw 8.5x11.pdf125.62 KB
FC- sun hats sandals col 8.5x11.pdf1.19 MB
FC- jeans sneakers col 8.5x11.pdf116.8 KB
FC- sun hats sandals bw 8.5x11.pdf271.37 KB
FC- sweater hoodie bw 8.5x11.doc254 KB
FC- sweater hoodie col 8.5x11.pdf347.89 KB
FC- jeans sneakers bw A4.pdf125.62 KB
FC- jeans sneakers col A4.pdf116.79 KB
FC- sun hats sandals bw A4.pdf271.1 KB
FC- sun hats sandals col A4.pdf1.98 MB
FC- sweater hoodie bw A4.pdf76.58 KB
FC- sweater hoodie col A4.pdf854.95 KB
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