Theme Songs for Young Children: Book 1 Thematic Teaching Resource - Song Book and MP3s

This resource is a series of 10 "piggy back" songs written to support thematic teaching units we all use at some point in the year.  They can also be used for movement or just for fun singing. Children learn well, we are told, when they move and especially when they sing. This is also an excellent resource for ESL/EFL.  A good way to internalize another language and helpful for correct pronunciation, sentence structure, vocabulary building, etc.

Have fun with these.  The mp3's can be burned to a CD.  Don't forget to make a backup copy.  The Songbook is in b&w and colour, but only in 8.5x11.   The margins are spaced, however, so it can be printed on A4 paper.

Sound Engineer: John Greenberg

Vocals by Birgit Kuit

8.5x11 bw colour
  • PreK - K
  • Gr.1-2
  • Special Needs
  • Home schoolers


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