About Sharper Teaching

Sharper Educational Consulting is a new venture for me. I am a retired career teacher of 35+ years. I have teaching experience at many levels, but most of my career was spent teaching kindergarten to grade 6, with an equal emphasis at both primary and intermediate. I have also taught English, French and social studies at the Junior High level and participated in some specialty teaching in music and life skills to Special Needs children.

Over the years, I have, at various times, been an elementary administrator, a curriculum coordinator, a teacher librarian, and a computer resource teacher. Before my retirement, I was the district’s Modern Languages Coordinator, producing an FSL curriculum for K-6 in our elementary schools. I have co-authored two supplementary French readers which are part of the FSL program, Aventures, and are still in publication. As well, I have been actively involved in Teacher Training for computers and FSL, and have presented at various educational conferences in my province.

After my retirement, I spent seven years in Taiwan and China teaching ESL to students from adults to babies, (yes…babies!) writing curriculum for five different ESL companies and doing teacher training and product presentations for a major educational publishing company. Since my return, have been involved in tutoring a Home-schooling student, and at our local Literacy Centre, I teach an ESL class as well as tutoring an Adult Literacy learner. I also volunteer at our local Senior’s Club by offering a beginner’s French class. Great fun!

My hobbies are many... quilting, music, reading, technology, crafts, to mention a few. I also write children’s poetry and prose, and am in the process now of getting my first children’s book published. I’ll let you know on the website when it is available.

My passion is, of course, teaching. And running a very close second is creating educational materials. My mission is to create materials that fulfill learning outcomes, are educationally sound and user-friendly, and most importantly, encourage creative and critical thinking. I firmly believe that athletes aren’t the only ones who deserve world-wide recognition for their achievements... teachers are just as, if not more so, equally deserving at the same level! I would love to see the Educational Olympics! But then, I believe we are all gold medalists anyway because we are dedicated professionals, performing at our best and inspiring others to achieve theirs, on a daily basis.

If you have time, please respond in the Contact Box to the following thought:

The qualities I admire most in an excellent teacher are _____________________________.

Let’s share our praise and respect for each other in a really visible way. I will share the responses with you in a future Blog entry.